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Nurse Plus invest heavily in our staff training program, we offer full in-house training for people starting a career in care

Nurse Plus Training Centres

Located within each of our 38 offices nationwide


Ongoing Professional Development

We provide:

• Continuing Professional Development through access to funded qualifications for personal development.
• Full office support with regular supervision, team meetings and face to face assessments.
• Nurse Plus runs continuous induction programmes, mentoring programmes and shadowing sessions, which enables staff to expand their knowledge and develop their skills.
• We invest in our staff by offering and encouraging staff to undergo fully funded Diploma courses that further supports their development.



Our mandatory induction training includes:

• Heath and Safety / Fire
• Infection Control, including MRSA/CDIF
• Lone Working
• Managing of Violence and Aggression
• Moving and Handling
• Safeguarding of Vulnerable People
• Mental Capacity Act / DoLS
• Food Hygiene & Nutrition/Dietary Needs
• First Aid Awareness
• Basic Life Support
• Medication Management
• Reporting, Recording, Confidentiality
• Handbook Induction, Including Policies & Procedures
• Child Protection
• Child Health and Wellbeing
• Equality & Diversity
• Handbook
• Risk Incident Reporting
• Personal Care

Our Induction Process ensures that our staff has a good understanding of their responsibilities within the Nurse Plus team. All training is inline with the new Care Certificate.

We maintain a multi-skilled workforce to enable us to have flexibility, continuity and ensure our staff are able to meet the complex needs as required.

Through our in-house training we are able to provide additional specialist training, to name a few:
• Autistic spectrum Disorder
• Learning Disability
• Epilepsy
• Palliative Care/End of Life
• Diabetes
• Motor Neurone
• Acquired Brain Injury
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Cerebal Palsy
• Controlled Medication Protocols
• Conflict Management and Disengagement