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What qualities do I need to have a career in homecare?

Working in domiciliary care can be a very fulfilling experience; but for some, it can be overwhelming. We asked our carers for a list of key qualities and attributes that they feel make you best suited to a career in care. Here's what they said... 


Helping people feel better about themselves through empathy and friendship. In a domiciliary care job, you are likely to be interacting with a variety of clients, so being able to put them at ease by being friendly, confident and reassuring is vital. Domiciliary care is all about building up a relationship with clients.


Bringing a smiling friendly face into the lives of others isn’t always easy! As with any job, occasionally there will be difficult days, difficult clients or difficult situations, but a good carer will be optimistic and approach everything with a smile. It is important to maintain a positive attitude which encourages clients and to remember that by doing so, you are making a difference.


Care workers are patient, pay attention and can spot changes in wellbeing. Age and/or disability can make undertaking certain tasks more difficult, more painful or just more time-consuming for clients, but it is imperative that carers enable them to maintain their independence and dignity. The best care workers are able to remain patient at all times. A carer must be conscientious and observant, paying close attention to detail.

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Care workers are there to listen. Being a good communicator is essential for all aspects of care work. As well as being able to easily strike up a conversation with all types of different clients, you will need to be able to truly listen to them, understand and respond in an accordingly. Whether this be supportive, comforting, encouraging etc.


Care workers are able to adapt to the needs of each unique person. Reliability is extremely important for carers, simply because those receiving care depend on their support in undertaking everyday tasks. Both clients and their family/friends need to be assured that you are trustworthy and can be relied upon to turn up to deliver care on time/on schedule. A career in care with Nurse Plus can be an amazingly flexible job. In turn, carers need to be flexible themselves due to the majority of the job being dependent on the ability to adapt to varying situations and any emergencies that may arise.


Care Workers are dedicated and care about the quality of care they provide. As well as continually adapting to new policies and working methods. As a carer, you will also need to understand and respect each individual Client and adapt to their varying cultural norms.

At Nurseplus, we are committed to investing in the continual professional development of our staff. Experience is a bonus, but not essential. Full training would be provided in line with the Care Certificate, which means that as long as you want to learn and are passionate about the job, you will be able to excel and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

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Ultimately though, the key to a successful and enjoyable career within the care industry is figuring out how to make the job work for you!

If, after reading our this article you think that you’d be suited to a career as a domiciliary care worker with Nurseplus, apply today by visiting our recruitment page.

Posted on May 03, 2018 by Nurseplus