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Organised by the Campaign for Learning, Learning at Work Week highlights the importance of continuous learning and development opportunities at work.

One of the core values of Nurseplus is to invest in the training and development of all of our staff. We recognise that the on-going professional development of our staff will ensure continuous improvement of our services, as well as creating a work environment in which everyone can thrive.

We spoke with Richard, our Kent Trainer about his journey into training –

“I have worked on the High Dependency Ambulance unit for over 9 years and felt I wanted to share my experience and knowledge to help others in developing their skills. When I started with Nurseplus I thought the training would be very basic and was excited to find out the variety of the courses that I would be teaching including manual handling, basic life support and more.”

“The main part of the job I love is the people I meet, some new to care and some experienced staff, it is great to be able to share my experience. Many love the fact I give them additional information, for example, when training BLS not only do we cover how to help a client, I go through how the body works so they understand why the body does what it does and the process they are going through so what they learn, can really help.”

“I love that Nurseplus offer hands-on training, in previous jobs, the training consisted on lots of e-learning, this practical training really helps the staff learn and also having group training classes encourages communication, the staff are happy to ask questions. I really think the training at Nurseplus is brilliant”

Training at Nurseplus

Our in-house training is tailored to suit the needs of our workforce and enables our trainers to build solid relationships with members of our team. This method allows us to continually adapt and improve our training methods, without having to wait for external training organisations to provide what we need. All of our workers are given the opportunity to continue their development and training (alongside mandatory training) through their individual Continual Personal Development plans. Our flexibility with adapting training methods has proven that individuals all have their own preferred learning styles. Our trainers are continually looking for ways to improve and be ‘creative’ with learning techniques, offering a variety of choices for the learner.

At Nurseplus we also recognise that learning and development may not take the form of official training and certifications. The support we receive from those around us is hugely important. Learning is part of daily life, especially when we are working with others as part of a team.  From the other staff to work alongside and the clients they support, people from all levels can teach new skills or ways of working.

Don’t just take our word for it; here is just some of the feedback we get from our workers -

“Thank you for putting me on the Nurseplus training, I found it very informative and learned a lot more than from my previous employment.”

“I would definitely recommend working for them as I have gained so much knowledge through my training”

“Brilliant training and the trainer is fantastic, covers all bases and answered any questions”

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