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PVG Refund form, Nurseplus Scotland

This form should be completed at registration by the candidate. All T&Cs must be fully understood.

  • PVG payment will be refunded through my salary after 100 hours have been completed
  • Qualifying hours must be completed within 3 months of first shift

Form ID:4012

An initial PVG payment of £59 for new scheme member or £18 for scheme update is required to be made by the candidate and is necessary to complete registration with Nurseplus. Upon completion of 100 hours work with Nurseplus, the payment that you have paid initially will be refunded through your weekly pay. In order to qualify for this refund, all candidates must be a member of the PVG scheme and  have received their first or updated PVG form prior to working any shifts, have completed 100 qualifying hours within *3-months of your first shift  and signed the PVG registration form in the branch.*T&Cs apply. The initial PVG payment will need to be made by the candidate and is necessary to register you with the company. Upon completion of 100 hours service with Nurseplus UK, the payment which was paid initially will be refunded to the candidate through their weekly pay.

*Payment after 3 months will be at the discretion of the Branch Manager and will be dependent on the number of shifts available  within the initial 3 month period

* No work is guaranteed, please contact your local branch for availability. Payment will be made upon completion of qualifying hours T&Cs apply.

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