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Home is where the heart is, which is why more and more people are choosing to stay in familiar surroundings for as long as possible, close to the things and people they love.

Choosing the right home care can be a daunting prospect, which is why it’s important for us here at Nurseplus to make the process as simple as possible for you.

We have been recruiting trained, friendly homecare workers and support staff since 2005 and now have branches all over England.

Our experience means we know that each individual’s needs are different. Our home carers are trained to ensure that all of our service users are given that specific care that they require

  • Dementia

  • Parkinson’s

  • Mental Health Illnesses, inc. Bipolar Disorder

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders

  • Schizophrenia

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Epilepsy

  • Brain and Spinal Injuries

  • End of Life Care

We are able to offer a range of care packages, tailored to each individual’s needs and will work with you and your loved ones to get it just right for you.

We are also able to provide home care workers and nurses who have experience in supporting individuals with complex needs including tracheostomy, stoma care, PICC Line, PEG feeding and ventilator support amongst others.

Personal Care

Respite Care

Dementia Care

Supporting loved ones in familiar surroundings and ensuring a safe and secure environment at all times is an important part of caring for someone with Dementia. Our Homecare staff are trained to deal with the challenges that may arise for individuals and their loved ones living with Dementia. 

Overnight Care: Nighttime can be a lonely time and just because the day has come to an end it doesn’t mean care needs do.

We can provide staff to support your you or your loved one through the night, providing help where needed or simply peace of mind that you’re not on your own. 

Palliative Care: Accepting and dealing with a loved one’s terminal prognosis is hard enough without any additional worries.

Nurseplus are available to help support you and your loved one through the most difficult of times, in a compassionate and professional manner.

Our caring homecare workers are highly trained in end of life care and on hand to provide specialist support, working closely with all healthcare professionals involved in their palliative care to ensure they receive holistic care.

Elderly Care: Growing old comes to us all and some people need more support than others. Our homecare workers are trained to support you, whatever your needs. From helping to avoid falls by assisting with personal care, to administering medication – something taken for granted when we are younger and more able-bodied. Our homecare packages can be tailored specifically to your needs, and while some people need only 30-minutes support in the mornings, others may benefit from multiple calls throughout the day.  Whatever your needs, Nurseplus are here to support you.

Support for Younger people

It’s not just the elderly that may require a bit of extra support. Helping to enable younger people to gain independence is also something we’re passionate about.

Our support workers are trained to assist younger people with additional needs in a range of areas, including;

  • Home support – allowing individuals to live an independent life in their own home
  • Community integration – helping young people with additional needs get out into the community, making friends and learning how to undertake daily tasks, from using public transport to doing a weekly shop
  • Developing independence can be one of the most confidence-boosting experiences of a young person’s life – and we want to help them achieve it.

Live-in Care: helps you live the life you want; by listening and getting to know you, we’ll put a unique package of support in place with a carefully chosen carer, to help you stay in the home you know and love.

Care costs

Emergency Care

Complex Care

Clients requiring complex care often need help and support as a result of on-going medical conditions/chronic illness or disabilities.

Although some complex care packages can be based around live-in care, the needs of the individual are likely to be much more involved, including support for tracheostomy care, PEG Feeding and Ventilator Systems.

All of our complex care nurses and homecare workers are fully trained and we offer on-going training and support in specialist areas to ensure the best quality of care for you and your loved ones. 

Our complex homecare workers and nurses are available to support individuals whatever their requirements, from hourly calls to live-in care packages

Companion Care

Providing a friendly face on a regular basis can make a real difference to someone’s health and wellbeing.

Our homecare staff can provide you or your loved one with daily or weekly visits for as long as you need.

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