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Important information regarding paying for DBS: 

An initial DBS payment of £44.80 is required to be made by the candidate and is necessary to complete registration with Nurseplus. Please note, from 1st August 2019, any DBS applications submitted with errors will be rejected by Ucheck, and a new submission will be required, this will incur an additional charge of £44.80 per application. 

Please ensure the information you provide for the DBS application is accurate to avoid incurring additional charges. Upon completion of 100 hours of work with Nurseplus, the initial payment of £44.80 will be refunded through your weekly pay, any additional charges caused by errors during the application process will not be refunded. In order to qualify for this refund, all candidates must have registered for the DBS update service within 14-days of receiving your DBS, completed 100 qualifying hours within 3-months of your first shift and signed the DBS registration form in the branch.

Pay for DBS or Uniform:

Item name
Registered Nurseplus Branch
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Important information regarding paying for certificates:

Payment of £50 per certificate is required. Please contact your local branch to confirm which certificates you qualify for before making payment. Eg. 2 days mandatory training completed = 4 individual certificates (If you have completed basic life and manual handling training).  Any additional training undertaken requires additional certificates.

Pay for certificates:

Cost per Training Certificate
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