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Hear about why our workers love working in Care

Have you ever thought about a career in care? We asked some of our workers to tell us why they love working in care!

Lauren - Nurseplus Dover 

I have always wanted to work in the care sector especially with the elderly.  I joined Nurseplus after walking past a recruitment event in Dover and stopped to find out more, I spoke with Hanah, who talked me through what Nurseplus does.  I had always wanted to get into care since leaving school and 3 years later I am still working for Nurseplus and haven’t looked back.  It is a wonderful company to work for and I am always hearing positive feedback from others.  I love making a difference to peoples lives knowing I have done my job, giving them the support they need and made them happy, especially when I am their only visitor and they are so happy to see me.   I also love the fact that with my help I am enabling them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible whilst retaining their independence. 

Nurseplus provide a range of training from which I have learnt a lot.  It has developed my skills and knowledge whilst keeping me up to date with any changes that occur so that I can adapt the way I work and give my clients the best care and support they need.  Working for Nurseplus agency allows me to work around my childcare needs and family life as it gives me choice over the times I am available to work as opposed to being given blocks of shifts, it's perfect for me. 

I feel proud to be part of the Nurseplus team that puts skills and knowledge in place to provide excellent service so as to ensure that clients receive the best level of care and support that they deserve.  

Len - Nurseplus Plymouth

I joined Nurseplus in January 2015 and have never looked back. Prior to working for Nurseplus, I was a Car Mechanic for 35 years. Unfortunately or fortunately I was made redundant and needed a job but had no idea what to do. When my Mum was unwell she had carers and I couldn’t believe the amount of help that they gave her. I decided that this was something I really wanted to try out and now I wish I had done it so much sooner, as it’s the best career and life decision I have made.

The training was great fun,  I learnt so so much, as I had been very worried about not knowing enough about the industry to get a job. But the girls were great and supported me throughout the training and onto my shadow shift. This was an eye-opener, but I loved every minute as I got to put everything into practice and the staff were so supportive.

The pleasure I get from supporting clients who would otherwise struggle or may not be able to do something themselves makes it a very rewarding job for me.

Nurseplus gave me the opportunity to do a job that I really enjoy doing, so thank you. 

Mihaela - Nurseplus Colchester

Working at Nurseplus has been very beneficial for me to gain experience, I have also enjoyed meeting other Nurseplus staff, between them, the training and work it has improved my knowledge. I’m very grateful to have the support from the office staff, bringing up my daughter and being diagnosed with diabetes brought some additional challenges, the office staff were very supportive and flexible. I love my job!

Nursing and care work is a wonderful and challenging profession developing your life special skills, working for an agency allows me to boost my experience and income at the same time, the hours are flexible allowing me to work when I want.  I chose a career in care/nursing because I like people and I like to look after people.

Gabby - Nurseplus Plymouth

I joined as a carer in 2011 after my grandad passed away with Dementia; I wanted so badly to be able to help more and wished I understood his condition. Watching the carers who came in every day made me change my career path, I decided to become a carer in April 2011 and have never turned back, and I wouldn’t change my job for the world.

Every day I felt happy and proud that I was making a difference however small, from helping someone to dress to holding a hand when someone was at the end of there life.

From being a carer I have learned so much, not only about my Grandads condition but every aspect of care. I have been given the opportunity within my role to complete courses and gain my level 3 in health and social care, over the years I worked hard, 15 hour days working from the early hours till late at night. I am now based in an office and am behind the scenes, but even from my desk I can still make a difference in people’s lives, I complete care plans, I ensure our clients are safe and happy at home, I talk to our carers and hope that I can help them also. I know how hard being a carer is and this is something I shall never forget.

I am happy to say that I love my job and enjoy it every day. I can honestly say that being a carer has made me a better person and taught me patience and the true meaning of caring. 

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Posted on February 12, 2018 by Nurseplus