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Why I love working for Nurseplus

Meet of Nurseplus' amazing healthcare assistants. Bonnie started working with the team at Ashford Nurseplus 18 months ago and has built some really strong relationships with clients and staff alike, during the many shifts that she's worked for us. 

Here, she tells us why she loves working for Nurseplus.

Why did you start a career in care?

I always worked in hospitality, but I wanted to try something more enriching. I was told by a friend to try care work as she thought I would love it! My first response was "personal care? No way I cant do that"! But eventually, I went for an interview, got offered the job and have never looked back! Personal care doesn’t bother me at all and I actually love it! The job is so rewarding.

Why Nurseplus?

I have worked for a couple of agencies in the past and a lot of the carers were from Nurseplus. They seemed so happy with the agency, so I went for an interview, did the training and now I wouldn’t work anywhere else - I love it!

How was the training?

The training was so good, and if you want other training that isn’t mandatory they will arrange it for you. You are booked on straight away and always offered more courses which are amazing for personal development.

What do you like about working in care?

The job is so rewarding! You learn so much about different disabilities, both physical and mental and how to improve the lives of those who you are supporting. Watching someone's face light up when you help them achieve new things means so much to me and you get such an amazing feeling knowing that you have helped them.

What do you consider the main benefits of agency work?

I have grandchildren and a life outside of care, so if I’m unable to work due to family commitments, it's never a problem, and my shift is then covered! Holiday pay is banked so can be taken when I decide to treat myself to some R&R, and I feel like I work for myself but have the safety net of the office girls if I need them, who are always available if I need them no matter when thanks to Nurseplus' out of hours system, where one of the team are always on hand to help, 24/7, regardless of what you may need..

Why did you choose agency work over a permanent position?

Working for an agency has so many benefits -  the support from the staff in the office being one of the main ones. If I ever have any worries or concerns I feel I can trust the office to support me. They're great!

If you'd like to experience the same benefits that Bonnie does, why not get in touch with your local branch today and join the fantastic Nurseplus team. 

Posted on June 06, 2018 by Nurseplus