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So it’s the last day of trekking. Very sad after the most amazing week together with such a wonderful bunch of people. 

Just before I get into that, last night turned out to be quite a success with the most amazing karaoke night near the hotel with our resident doctor as the DJ, a bit surreal but pretty great at the same time.

Up this morning for the trek, maybe feeling a little cocky, thinking this challenge is cracked, then to be faced with a very challenging morning. Pretty much a continual uphill hike with both steps and slopes for a good 90 minutes. Not quite what I was expecting and really took it to another level of digging deep. 

Very near to the summit the group were gathered together and I have to say, what an amazing group it’s been, friends for life! Then it was the last push to the top as a team, together, over the finish line to a reception of Champagne and huge celebrations. It was a very emotional scene with tears all around. Everyone was there for their own personal reasons, had worked hard, dug deep for their individual cause and felt a sense of achievement probably never felt before - I certainly experienced this for the first time. This is a day I’ll remember for all of my life, be extremely proud of and forever grateful for. 

The Great Wall of China has been absolutely brilliant!

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