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Our Corporate Director, Pamela, continues her journey...

Day 4

Little later start today with 8am breakfast. Started off with rocky hillsides and another very steep climb to the highest point to rejoin the unrestored wall. What a view! I actually can’t put it into words so will have to send some pics, would say though that it’s an experience you have to personally witness - highly recommended! 

After about a 4-hour trek, not quite as difficult as yesterday we headed by bus about 3 hours to the next destination in Jinshanling. Out for another dinner, apparently also to an Irish bar in this village, then another early night for a long trek tomorrow! 


Still having the best time. Day 5

So this morning up at 6am, breakfast at 7am then a short walk to the bus to take us to our starting point of the trek. About a half hour journey to the village of Gubeiko. 

We walked through village and farmland until the path took us to an unrestored, yet pretty well-preserved part of the wall. This was as I’d imagined the wall to be with lots (and I mean lots) of steps up and down, snaking across the landscape with many watchtowers along the way. Some of the steps are so steep that you need to help each other along the way. There were also many areas with sheer drops, this on day 2 scared the life out of me but feel I’ve conquered this (wouldn’t say it’s my favourite part - really quite a challenge). 

We then followed the track down into a valley as we had to skirt a Chinese military base. Another climb back on to the wall where we had the privilege to witness the most breathtaking sunset. Back then to our base for dinner (chopstick expert now). Steps and floors reached an all-time high of 200 floors climbed over 8 hours of trekking. All this and actually looking forward to tomorrow. Not sure how this has happened. 


So day 6 of trekking was probably my favourite day. I would never have imagined it was possible to enjoy the 6th day, but I really did. 

This day was as you imagine the Great Wall to look. The scenery is spectacular, the weather fantastic, lots of rolling purple hills fading into the distance with many watchtowers. This was the classic ‘scales on a dragons back’ scene.

Not a flat part to walk on, continually climbing then back down to go up again. Challenging but 22 watchtowers later it was complete. 

A little surprise was that in a few of the watchtowers, Chinese woman had created a little shop with drinks, snacks as well as the usual that you feel the need to buy. All carried up and down daily. 

We then had a 2-hour bus ride to the next location to start our final day. Can’t believe I’m saying it but I’m a bit sad about it ending although looking forward to the feeling of achievement 

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