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Nurses Day 2019

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Nurses Day is celebrated each year on the birthday of Florence Nightingale; a chance to celebrate the remarkable difference Nursing staff make every day.

Thank you to all the amazing nurses and care staff who dedicate their lives to caring for our patients and their families. Your passion for patient-care is paramount to everything we do here at Nurseplus. #internationalnursesday #nursesday #thankyou #nursesweek #nursing #florencenightingale

We took some time out to speak to our Nurses and find out about their #nursecareer; what attracted them to Nursing, what it takes to be a Nurse and why they chose Nurseplus.
Here is what they had to say:


“I chose nursing as a career because I looked after my grandparents while they were poorly, from this I went to work in a nursing home as a carer for ten years while working there I completed my training with the support of the manager of the home.
I found the training to become a nurse a little stressful at times, I loved my placements and the practical side of my training the best.
I have mostly learnt from my colleagues with whom I work with, we exchange knowledge and work together and pass on ideas of different ways to deal with things.
It’s important to enjoy what you do and keep focused, don't be afraid to ask for help and also ask questions if you don't understand what's going on or how to do something. Get the most out of your placements as you can as this will help you when you qualify.
Most important trains would be caring and passionate, a good team player and a good communicator.
I love to help people and treat them as I would want to be treated myself. I find it very rewarding when clients/patients and their relatives appreciate what you do for them or their loved ones.”

“I found the training very enduring but very enjoyable and rewarding. My first nursing role was as a Trauma and Orthopaedic Nurse.
I like most, the privilege of caring for someone and being there at a vulnerable time.
My advice would be: be open-minded, take advice and always listen. It’s key to understand different individuals and being able to adapt your skills. Build good relationships with clients and team members”

“I chose to become a nurse when I was 5 years old. I had a uniform and a plastic stethoscope. I am very sociable and friendly and enjoy meeting new people and feel privileged to do a job that I love. I enjoy the challenge of patient care and problem-solving and making a difference in people’s lives on a day to day basis.
I have worked for Nurseplus for two years now and I can honestly say, that it was the best decision I made. The team have been so supportive of me and I feel respected and valued, something I had not felt in the NHS for quite a time. I can also choose when and where I work and take holiday’s whenever I choose, so fits in well with my family. I no longer feel stressed and don’t get involved with politics. I chose Nurseplus as I was recommended by a friend. 
Having regular contact with the team is really important to me and I like the personal touch and getting to know the staff”


“I choose Nursing as a profession because it can offer a meaningful career, filled with opportunities, challenges and rewards. I like to offer support to improve the well-being of a person. I chose to work for Nurseplus as they have a good working reputation with other local companies. I had a good working relationship with Nurseplus within my last permanent job. It’s nice that Nurseplus stay in touch and offer their support.”

“I chose nursing whilst still at school some 38 years ago. I had a general interest in science and I have a good sense of humour which helps me get on with people of all ages.
You always learn more from your colleagues around you on every unit/ward, things change all the time in nursing they are the people with the finger on the pulse.
The most satisfying part of the job is, knowing that you have made a difference. To anyone starting a career in nursing I would say respect everyone listen, learn, read and ask questions. 
To be a good nurse you must be observant, have empathy, compassion and good communication skills.”

“I selected nursing as my career as I had been working as a nursing assistant for a couple of years and enjoyed supporting people in their recovery from mental health problems. I felt that by doing the training I could develop my skills, improve my performance and have a meaningful career path.
My first post when I qualified was as a Staff Nurse in a mental health rehabilitation ward; shortly after, I progressed to a management post in a community rehabilitation service. Following this, I spent many years working in various community rehabilitation services. By diversifying I was enabled to develop my skills and competency.
In an academic context, I learned most from a clinical psychologist who taught me a great deal about cognitive behaviour therapy. On a day to day level, I learned most from the service users I worked alongside who knew more about their own individual needs and coping strategies.
When I have seen individuals attain autonomy and are empowered to voice their opinions.
I would advise anyone starting the job to watch and listen. Hear what your service users are saying to you. Don't make assumptions.
A good nurse has integrity, shows respect and cares for the wellbeing of others. They have good people and leadership skills.”

At Nurseplus we get to know our staff and feel communication is key to a successful partnership. 
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