Corporate Accounts

As a corporate client, you will be appointed a dedicated Account Manager, who will support and work with you to ensure you are getting the best possible service from staff delivery to KPI reporting functions. Nurseplus has invested substantially in a new CRM system which will enhance our client/agency relationship offering clearer visibility of hours, bookings, cancellations etc.
Management information will feature prominently within the new system giving accurate data to clients on a regular basis to show trends, areas of concern, enable recruitment strategies as well as report and demonstrate the success of reducing agency spend and other KPIs. Whilst advanced technology is an enabler, we focus on our service, relationships and maintaining the “personal touch”. We will be at the forefront of understanding our clients and their residents', needs and requirements. Whilst some clients use technology to screen and train their staff, we still feel face to face interaction holds huge value in an ever-changing and challenging market place. 

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At Nurseplus we have been successful in securing partnership agreements with various client groups with each vendor solution unique and innovative in its own way.

Service Options


• Geographical areas covered

• Current spend, usage and cost per locality

• Options of supply

• Training and specialisms of staff required


Effective communication and working relationships

To ensure effective communication between individual services, senior parties and central services, Nurseplus will identify key people within the organisation to link amongst parties. 
Home managers and senior staff will be allocated account managers within the local branches to ensure they have an effective platform to communicate the needs of the service. There will be clear lines to alert concerns, complaints or developments as well as quality feedback on good services provided. 
In keeping with effective communication, Nurseplus will provide a national account manager who will work as a liaison between senior parties, accounts and individual services to ensure services are being provided correctly. Your national account manager will ensure regular reviews of services are attended, will provide key data to required parties and support the objectives set by the group/client in line with the Service Level Agreement.

Value for Money

Nurseplus aims to reduce overall spend of agency use and will support the objective of ‘value for money’. Nurseplus will review all spend and work with area managers and individual service managers to identify key areas of need within the services.

Reduction in current agency parties used

Implementation of a reduction in agency parties used can be difficult when organisations have more than 10 agencies involved on a national basis. Using your national account manager and key people within local services, Nurseplus will put a transition plan into place which aims to reduce the usage and number of parties involved.


Added Value

To ensure Nurseplus meet our client’s expectations we will ensure added value is applied to the agreed contracts to enhance the quality provision.
The following added value will be applied:

• Nurseplus Compliance Team to incorporate additional compliance or training requirements to Nurseplus audits. This will ensure your Ofsted and/or CQC requirements are met by staff provided by Nurseplus.

• Nurseplus will offer training, meeting rooms, spot checks and monitoring if required to support additional needs. This can include training for service users’ families as well as your own permanent employees.

• Nurseplus will provide bespoke monthly reports and data analysis as required for staffing provisions and cost.

• A one-stop-shop; a dedicated individual, as well as a dedicated phone number and email address, will be set up for the group.


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