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  • Len


    Nurseplus Plymouth

    Training was great fun, I learnt so so much, the girls were great and supported me throughout the training and onto my shadow shift. The pleasure I get from supporting clients who would otherwise struggle, or may not be able to do something themselves makes it a very rewarding job for me.

  • Lauren


    Nurseplus Dover

    I had always wanted to get into care since leaving school and 3 years later I am still working for Nurseplus and haven’t looked back. It is a wonderful company to work for and I am always hearing positive feedback from others. I love making a difference to peoples lives knowing I have done my job, giving them the support they need and made them happy, especially when I am their only visitor and they are so happy to see me.

  • Gabby


    Nurseplus Plymouth

    Every day I feel happy and proud that I was making a difference however small, from helping someone to dress to holding a hand when someone was at the end of there life. I have been given the opportunity within my role to complete courses and gain my level 3 in health and social care, over the years I worked hard. I can honestly say that being a carer has made me a better person and taught me patience and the true meaning of caring.

  • Mihaela


    Nurseplus Colchester

    Working at Nurseplus has been very beneficial for me to gain experience, I have also enjoyed meeting other Nursplus staff, between them, the training and work it has improved my knowledge. I love my job! Nursing and care work is a wonderful and challenging profession developing your life special skills, working for an agency allows me to boost my experience and income at the same time, the hours are flexible allowing me to work when I want.

  • Amanda


    Nurseplus Plymouth

    I joined Nurseplus because I heard so many good things about the company, from pay to hours and training. The staff in the office are so friendly and warming, The training was fantastic. I've worked for other care companies and this was by far the best training I've received. If you're unsure, just ask, they will go through it again with you, or if you want to, go on another course!

  • Egbu


    Nurseplus Bournemouth

    Following the training, I was scheduled for my shadow shift were I was able to apply my learning into real life practice. Although I was a bit tentative and scared of making mistakes, I found that if I used my training and asked for support, I would be fine. After successfully completing the shadowing, I was ready for my own shift.

  • Amy


    Nurseplus Eastbourne

    “Working at Nurseplus has enabled me to choose what hours are suitable for me and continue to be at home during the hours when my child needs me most.”

  • Elizabeth


    Nurseplus Ashford

    Since joining Nurseplus as a Healthcare Assistant I have gained more experience, met wonderful new people and always get the hours I need. Excellent agency to work for! I like being able to make a real change to someone’s life and seeing how people develop over time with my support, Making their lives more enjoyable. This is an extremely rewarding feeling.

  • Mary


    Nurseplus Newton Abbot

    I give Nurseplus my availability and times when I definitely can’t work. Sometimes there are shifts that can be booked a week in advance. Sometimes shifts become available on the day. The benefits of agency work is that you can pick up extra shifts if you want and you can choose those within easy reach of your home.

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