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‘Nursing needs to undergo a gender-neutral “rebranding” to break down barriers stopping men entering the profession,’ Nursing Times revealed recently, following reports that less than 10% of student nurses in Scotland were male.

The stereotypical view that nurses are female was found by researches to be one of the main reasons for men steering clear of the profession, whilst the absence of a male presence in advertising or recruitment material around nursing was labelled as “not helpful.”

In 2016, just 11.4% of registered nurses in the UK were male. The report is a sad indication of how much we still need to do to encourage males into the profession and how, despite their much-valued presence in the corridors of a hospital or out in the community, they are being deterred from a career that could be the making of them simply because of a continued Florence Nightingale stereotype.

We at Nurseplus, have seen first hand the huge contribution that male nurses have made to people’s lives. Many roles available in the health and social care sector are just as suited to men, providing them with a rewarding career choice with great flexibility and opportunities to progress.

There is a wide range of reasons for a man to consider a career in nursing. An ageing and ever-expanding population are putting a lot of pressure on the NHS and health care professionals are in high demand.  Put it this way; there is never going to be a time when nurses aren’t needed and the ability to gain skills that could take you virtually anywhere in the world to work will be extremely useful both now and in the future.

Most patients come into contact with a nurse when they’re not feeling their best and some men may not want to appear vulnerable in front of a female caregiver. We know from experience that some of our clients are put more at ease when a male nurse is caring for them. Although we treat every patient the same regardless of gender, some men in nursing can make people feel comfortable simply because they’re male.

The other great thing about nursing is the ability to choose between a variety of specialities, whether its children’s nursing, midwifery, or working in A&E, there are plenty of opportunities for movement in nursing and no day will ever be the same.

Nursing is an inclusive society of like-minded people who work tirelessly each and every day to make a difference in a person’s life. Here at Nurseplus, we have built a great team of both male and female nurses who each give 110% to their work. We believe that men are the untapped resource that nursing needs to sufficiently fill our hospitals and homes with high-calibre professionals, which is why we’re calling on men to consider a rewarding career in nursing.   

If you or someone you know would like to begin a career where you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to someone’s life, then get in touch with your local Nurseplus branch.

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