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The Benefits of Homecare

Did you know that the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKCHA) estimates that around 249 million hours of home care is delivered to individuals in England each year?

Homecare offers a variety of benefits to people who require extra support, from those with learning and physical disabilities to individuals with mental health needs or mobility issues; it’s a positive way for people to retain their independence and remain at home while ensuring their health needs are met.

The NHS fully backs the service, seeing it as essential for their strategy to support frail or older people enjoy good health and independence while avoiding hospital stays where possible.

We’ve seen many people benefit from the one-to-one support of homecare as it means they can enjoy the comfort of familiar surrounds and avoid the distress of moving. They’ll also be able to experience freedom and independence for as long as possible without sacrificing care.

It’s not just nursing and healthcare that can be provided by the service, other vital support is available from personal care that includes washing and dressing to housekeeping and cooking.

And that’s not forgetting one of the key features of homecare: companionship. With loneliness on the rise, care workers can offer invaluable friendship to those living on their own. They can also help individuals access the wider community enabling them to continue their daily activities and maintain friendships.

Homecare is also used by those who have been in hospital, supporting aftercare and rehabilitation to safely get back up on their feet and to full independence.

With so much flexibility in the delivery of home care that can offer long-term, short-term, day-care and emergency care, it’s an invaluable service for many families.

At Nurseplus, our specialist Homecare team has over 20 years’ experience, with the ability to support you in taking control of your personalised care plan and maintaining independence.

For further information about the care packages available, visit our homecare services page or call your local team today.

Posted on August 02, 2019 by Nurseplus