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Learning disability nursing

Tomorrow is International Day of People with Disabilities and so we're taking a look at the role of a Learning Disability Nurse.

The care and support provided by nurses and healthcare assistants working in adult social care is vital to developing independence and maintaining a good quality of life for those with learning disabilities. Often they can face significant daily challenges, in both their personal and work lives, leading to high levels of frustration.

Supporting individuals with learning disabilities

The spectrum of learning disabilities is vast, ranging between mild, moderate and severe - and therefore the needs and support requirements of each individual vary. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to supporting those with learning difficulties and care plans can include physical care, practical advice and emotional support.

Registered Learning Disabilities Nurses and support workers specialising in learning difficulties, are prepared to handle unexpected situations with warmth and compassion. Delivering prompt person-centred care with patience and understanding ensures individuals feel safe and secure.

Learning disability roles

The role of a learning disability nurse can be extremely rewarding. It offers nurses the chance to make a difference with a high degree of flexibility and a career with excellent employment prospects.

As part of the role, the key areas involve maintaining and improving a person’s physical and mental health and overcoming barriers to help them develop independence. These are significant in helping those with learning disabilities to live a more fulfilling life.

Learning disability nurses support people of all ages in a range of environments including people’s homes, residential homes, psychiatric care units, learning disability settings and mental health hospitals. 

Becoming a learning disability nurse with Nurseplus

Here at Nurseplus, we are dedicated to providing the best support for our team which is why we provide in-house training for all members of staff. We take the time to get to know our Nurses, matching their skills and requirements with the right clients. If you have an NMC Registration, professional indemnity insurance and a warm compassionate nature, you could be our next learning disability nurse.

Our Nurseplus Mental Health Services team has over 20 years of healthcare experience within specialist areas such as PICU, Learning Disabilities, and Older Adults In-patient Services, both within the NHS and private sector.

We also offer Care Assistant and Support Work, Homecare roles, general nursing and Mental Health nursing roles.

Posted on December 02, 2019 by Nurseplus